Welcome to South Africa’s
new site for zipline home kits.

Isn’t it time you were the cool parent who put in a zipline across the garden for your kids? A good quality one that you could even use every now and then when the occasion demands? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

We provide top quality, safe, commercial grade equipment put together by zipline professionals in South Africa. We’ll send you everything you need to safely set up a zipline in your garden, including the cable, fittings, pulley, handlebar and of course our carefully written installation instructions. Our kits are specially designed to make setting up your zipline quick and easy. Best of all, we’ll deliver it straight to your door within 2 days! Check out the different zipline lengths here.

Why Choose Ziplinekits?

  • Ziplinekits are designed and engineered by South Africa’s leading zipline professionals with over 20 year’s experience.
  • Ziplinekits only use commercial grade galvanized steel cables for our ziplines. For your safety we would not accept anything less!
  • Ziplinekits uses international safety rated pulleys and carabiners from the mountain climbing industry, the same type as those used in our commercial tourism operations.
  • If you purchase from Ziplinekits we are available at all times over the phone or email to answer any questions and ensure a safe installation.
  • We do not support the use of inferior quality (normally ‘made in China’) thin wire zipline products that do not carry adequate safety guarantees or customer support.

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