About Us

Zipline Kits is a Proudly South African African company based in Durban. We love climbing trees and have been building ziplines and treetop platforms since 1999! This has mainly been on a commercial basis for adventure tourism businesses, although over the years we kept getting requests to do small ziplines in people’s gardens.

We decided to answer the call, and Zipline Kits was formed in 2016. Our aim is to get kids, friends and families spending more time outside and sharing adventure activities together. We believe your thumbs were meant for holding onto things (branches, ropes, swings, zipline handlebars), they were not designed for tapping the space bar on your electronic device!

Our experience in this industry is carried through to every aspect of our products, and safety is first and foremost for us. The rigging equipment all carries national safety certification and is fit for purpose, our zipline cables have all been load tested, the pulleys have international mountaineering ratings, and our installation instructions have been carefully designed to make your zipline set up as quick and easy as possible.

Please let us know about your zipline once it is up and flying, we love getting the feedback!

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